Thinking Beyond Today

Countryside has been a leader in design, place making and sustainable development for many years. We seek to create added value through them and we have learnt much from our extensive experience, particularly at a number of landmark projects.

Our vision

‘Thinking beyond today’ articulates our vision, which is to create exceptional places for people to live, work and enjoy for generations to come. Whether we are enhancing existing neighbourhoods or creating new communities we engage with our stakeholders to develop sustainable places with their own distinctive character and identity.

Our objective

Our objective is for all our developments to be economically, socially and environmentally sustainable and wherever commercially possible to comprise a balanced mix of tenures, uses and densities.

The Group has a pioneering vision and strong key values centred on it being a family company.


Having successfully implemented a new financing structure the Group is in an improved position to take advantage of the substantial land holdings which it has under its control. We are well positioned to meet the short and medium-term challenges ahead, particularly as we are highly skilled in engaging with communities. Our longer-term prospects are considerable, especially given the opportunity that the growing shortfall in housing supply represents.

Our commitments

Our commitment to sustainable development is evidenced by the fact that we have reported on our sustainability performance for nine years, which is the longer than anyone in our peer group. Our Environmental, Social and Ethical Report describes our positive progress against each of the actions and targets that we have set. It also gives details of our relevant policies and highlights our commitment to the creation of sustainable communities with a broad range of case studies.

Moreover, we are committed to sustainable development specifically in relation to the continued comprehension of new and emerging policies, legislation and reporting standards. This leads to the systematic application of sustainability issues in the Group’s practices and risk management procedures. We believe this approach enhances operational cost efficiency and an increased asset value for our residents, Housing Association partners, commercial organisations and other stakeholders.